What is the Artist’s Mindset?

Imagine, you are an ACTOR

Whether you have had four auditions today or haven’t worked in a year…there can be tremendous pressure put on the outcome of each and every opportunity.
It could be that rent or health insurance is on the line. It could be that you are meeting with your dream director about your dream role. Either way… the questions remain: Have I done enough prep work? Will my work stand out? Is the work lighting me on fire? And how can I keep from getting attached to the outcome if it is? Hurry up and wait! Nerves happen. What you do with them is up to you.


Imagine you are a WRITER/SHOWRUNNER

Whether you have created your own project and it’s all happening so fast…or whether you can’t seem to catch a break…each opportunity that comes up is fraught with triggers: another rejection letter, notes you *may* disagree with from unending layers of executives and critics on every platform. Maybe you feel stuck in a story loop. Maybe you have decision fatigue. Or maybe you just can’t get the potential of a strike out of your head. How do you get present enough to just let the words flow?

And on that moment when you’ve been given everything you’ve been seeking, how do you not feel like an imposter…like everything is going to be taken from you…and how do you surround yourself with people who are going to be impactful when the deadlines are tight and the expectations are high?


Imagine you are a CASTING DIRECTOR…
Your memory is your most important asset. And it’s been getting harder to remember things lately. Is it because of the endless self tapes you are committed to watching or the fact that your timelines which used to be six week have been cut down to 3? Your eyes have to stare at screens all day and you just read an article about how sitting all day is the new smoking. So how do you not regret every life choice and rally to your producers session this afternoon? How do you seek to create an environment for actors to their best work when you are just trying to secure your next gig like the rest of us? And how do I maintain my own life (and sanity) outside of this job?


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