Dedicated to revolutionizing how our clients frame up and prepare for life’s most important moments.

The Mission of the Performer’s Mindset is to elevate the way we think about performance – and to train accordingly.

Your words were energizing and calming. I applied your prep routine and I could feel it! Kept referring to the quote I wrote down from you – “embrace the awesomeness of it all… feel the happiness”. You are a performance whisperer. Thank you!”

Ken Black

CCO @ GMR Marketing
Former Creative Director @ NIKE & SPARQ


The Performer’s Mindset Offers:

  • Science based performance tools
  • Confidence & Creativity Training to help your craft stand out 
  • Tools to combat anxiety, stress, and burnout. 
  • Performance Visualization, Awareness, Reflection, and Recovery practices using play based learning principles. 
  • Keys to connect individuals to their unique creative style, purpose, and passion. 
  • Guidance on how to shift perspective and enhance focus. 
  • Professional, experienced, supportive instructors who are working actors, artists, and broadcasters

Since 2018, The Performer’s Mindset team has led over 2,400 clients through workshops in 3 countries, connected with 5,000 students, artists, executives, athletes, and creatives through keynotes, presentations and community events.

Additionally, we led tens of thousands of viewers through our work with the NFL 2018 Elite 11 Documentary.


Meet The Performer's Mindset Team

Joe Towne - Founder and CEO of The Performer's Mindset, Director of Programs, Performance Coach

Joe Towne is an award-winning writer and director who got his degree in Acting from the University of Southern California. He’s been a coach for the past 19 years for both businesses and performers – some of whom are selling that product you just bought or starring in that movie you Netflixed last night.

Eric Hunicutt - Associate Director of Weekend Programs and Performance Coach

Eric Hunicutt is a director, improviser, actor, teacher and coach. As an actor and director, Eric has worked in theatre, commercials, films, tv, sketch comedy and improv in Los Angeles, Chicago and across the U.S. 

David Reale - Associate Director of Ongoing Programs and Performance Coach

David Reale is an actor, teacher and coach living in Toronto. For the past 20 years, he has worked on stages across Canada and in film, television and animation in Canada and the U.S. 

Hillary Tuck - Associate Director of Weekend Programs and Performance Coach

Hillary Tuck has been a working actor since she was 14. She has been a series regular on several shows including Honey I Shrunk the Kids. Her movies have been to Sundance. 

Trusted by...


Ken Black

Ken Black

Rocked it, brother. Your words were energizing and calming. I applied your prep routine and I could feel it! Kept referring to the quote I wrote down from you – embrace the awesomeness of it all… feel the happiness. The feedback has been amazing. You are a performance whisperer. Thank you!

Ken Black
Former Creative Director @ Nike & Sparq, current CCO @ GMR Marketing

Zac Halley

Zachary Halley

The tools and guidance TPM offers have empowered our company to meet a rapid acceleration in the pitching we are doing as we move into a different sector of our industry. We had good raw ability, but no technique. TPM got us thinking in a methodical way about the systematized process we should be using to ensure we’re always ‘good in the room.’ It’s science based and practical…but most of all repeatable and reliable.

Zachary Halley/Chemically Altered Productions (3 time Emmy nominated Producer of Drunk History, The G Word with Adam Conover, South Side, Still the King)

Josh Brandon

Josh Brandon

I wanted to let you know two things.
First, our session with you forever changed the way I look at pitching.
And second, it paid off immediately. We just got word that the EP/supervisor we took our project to (he was first on our list) is on board. Wow!

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Josh Brandon (Writer Haven (SyFy) and Houdini & Doyle (FOX))

Josh Taerk

Josh Taerk

Every time I do a weekend with you guys, there’s more about the craft itself that I remember how much I loved and that I fall in love with again.

Josh Taerk (Singer/Songwriter)

Ashley Adamson

Ashley Adamson

Working with Joe was enlightening on a number of levels. Not only did he provide tangible improvements to my pre-performance routine, but he gave me an entirely new way to think about the goal of mindfulness and preparation that has really helped me in my day to day work as a sports broadcaster. Joe is one of those genuinely loving, curious, passionate spirits and I am grateful that I’ve been able to soak up some of his energy and wisdom along the way!

Ashley Adamson (PAC 12 Networks)

Tracy Bonham Fine

Tracy Bonham Fine

Last December, I was invited to speak in front of 2,500 people about something incredibly personal. Up to that point only a few people knew my story of abuse. I am a singer and musician and I can sing about uncomfortable events in my life, yet when it comes to speaking about something so vulnerable, well, I had never done anything like that before. Joe helped me visualize every moment, from the 15 minutes before walking on stage, to how it felt afterwards in my dressing room. His positive approach to everything – from preparation to performance – enabled me to overcome my anxiety and enjoy success in that moment and beyond.

Tracy Bonham Fine

Maria Tucelli

Maria Tuccelli

As an athlete in an endurance sport, Joe helped me transform my performance mindset to something beyond freeing, and definitely magical. He invited me to be curious and explore a learning goal. The following day I set new personal records in back to back races.

Maria Tuccelli (World Vertical Runner)

Erin and Rich

Erin Cardillo & Richard Keith

After the first season of our last series, we did a post-mortem with Joe that provided us with incredible insights on how to be better showrunners, better partners and more focused in our creative work moving forward. In retrospect, his insight and coaching has been invaluable to our production company. He helped us clarify our mission and set our minds towards how we wanted to show up, who we wanted to be in business with and how we wanted to feel doing it. Literally everything he helped us crystalize has come into being. We are so grateful for his work and continue to call on him as we move forward towards our greater goals. Also, he’s ray of fucking sunshine.

Erin Cardillo & Richard Keith (Writer/Showrunners, In Good Company, Inc.)

Yogi Roth

Yogi Roth

After working with Joe for all of 2018, it is evident that his methods not only work, but they gave me tools to utilize as an analyst on set, broadcasting games and interviewing athletes. Our sessions and his coaching points elevated my performance and allowed me to gain confidence in a style I had not had in a decade in the broadcasting profession. He made me more aware of my delivery, more deliberate with my analysis and more joyful as a performer. I plan to work with Joe for the remainder of my career and if you want to grow as a performer, I’d contact him as soon as possible.

Yogi Roth (College Football Analyst & Host (Pac-12 Network, Elite 11, ESPN, Fox, CBS, TBS))

Emily Liu

Emily Liu

This class has been a game changer for me. My goal as an actor has always been to have longevity in this business, but I wasn’t sure I was going to last after years of disappointment and not having fun in the audition room anymore. Because of this class, I am literally retraining my brain to think differently. I’m having fun auditioning again, I’m inspired, and I’m able to think positively from a place of possibility. Hillary and Joe are so insightful, nurturing, and challenging at the same time. They are a great team, and they know how to hone in on your specific needs.

Emily Liu (Modern Family, Harry’s Law, Boston Legal)

Trent Dilfer

Trent Dilfer

We asked Joe Towne and Hillary Tuck of the Actors Mindset to come in and work with our guys as they start to figure out what it means to perform on the world stage. What stood out to me most with them was the incredible joy they brought to the process.
It was a blast and everyone from our coaches to our players were engaged and leaning in.

Trent Dilfer (Elite 11, Super Bowl Winning QB)

Craig Welzbacher

Craig Welzbacher

I’m hella more confident walking into the room now.

Craig Welzbacher (Superstore, Haunting of Hill House, 9-1-1)

Devyn Fusaro

Devyn Fusaro

Thank you so much for not only an enlightening weekend, but for the warm and supportive environment you created.I have so much processing and work to do, but you both have inspired me to persist. I sometimes doubt my place in this industry as an actor and that doubt leads me to all sorts of delusions when I then go to look inward for answers. This workshop rejuvenated my connection and ownership to an art form that brings me joy and fulfillment. I can’t wait to spread the love.

Devyn Fusaro (The Path, White Famous, Ray Donovan)

Hannah Leder

So stoked to try on the incredible tools you so gracefully and impactfully infused into us. Hard to put into words and do justice to what happened this weekend. Feels like a paradigm shift. Thank you again. This was big.

Hannah Leder (The Morning Show, Bad Judge, The Comeback)

Josh Close

That was incredible. A game changer.
Really flipped a switch in my head.
I’m so grateful and am excited to apply more and more.

Josh Close (Fargo, 12 Monkeys, Person of Interest)