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December 9, 2021 | Episode 9

Joe Towne with Arnie Cardillo

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About This Episode

Joe chats with Arnie Cardillo about his journey from youth baseball to sound engineer to becoming a three-time Grammy winning producer. Arnie shares insight into what he scans for when listening to his performers, what baseball taught him about failure and why going the extra mile is part of his greater vision. Arnie and Joe talk about the great philosophers, how important it was for them to struggle with life’s great questions and how they can be helpful for us in processing grief or combatting depression. Ultimately, they discuss how true collaboration helps build empathy for others, how children best learn and how creating one’s vision is the ultimate thing to remain true to

About Arnie Cardillo

With over 40 years experience in the audiobook industry, Arnie Cardillo began his career as a sound editor and engineer and later worked for Listening Library, where he was involved in all facets of the audio business.  In 1997, he purchased Live Oak Media, a children’s media publishing company, which he continues to manage today with his wife Debra Skiver Cardillo.  As producer, he has received three ALA Odyssey Awards, three Grammy Awards, the Audie Award for Distinguished Achievement in Production, as well as numerous Audie Awards and ALA Notable Children’s Recordings.