23 in ’23: 90-Minute Coaching Sessions with Joe Towne


Have you been craving one-on-one coaching with Joe, and haven’t been able to dive in yet? Are you curious to work with Joe for the first time?

Book a 90-minute coaching spot with Joe Towne. This is a chance for you to address what’s coming up for you right now, and work with Joe on:

  • The Mindset of the Business
  • Rewriting Your Story
  • Break Down Your “Game” Tape
  • Table Work: Script Analysis and Prep
  • A Mindset Approach to Daily Practice Habits


When you purchase a session, you will be emailed a confirmation with a calendar ink to book a specific date and time for your coaching session with Joe.

*Limit 2/person

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After much demand, Joe is opening up twenty-three 90-minute coaching spots for performers who haven’t had a chance to dive into the longer form coaching with him, or who are excited and curious to work with Joe for the first time.

During your session with Joe, you can choose to explore:

The Mindset of the Business  РLook at your professional relationships in the business, make sure your materials are showcasing your BEST self, and dive into and analyze feedback you have been getting (or the absence of it).

Rewrite your Story – Take an active approaching and get curious about your acting journey. This can be a bigger look at your current trajectory as an artist, or you and Joe can take a deep dive into reclaiming an old audition.

Break Down Your Game Tape – The same way athletes watch back old game tape, you and Joe will have an opportunity to analyze one of your performances (audition, scenes, etc), and get curious about what worked, and what you could do differently given another chance.

Table Work: Script Analysis and Prep – Get confident in your pre-audition prep by working with Joe to optimize your process, before an audition, and detail how it can help you be your BEST in the room and on set.

Daily Practice Habits – Joe will take you through a Mindset approach to getting 1% percent everyday, specifically tailored to you and your goals, daily routines, and habits.

*Limit 2/person